Tatuaje. Un legame indelebile

Tatuaje: un legame indelebile - Ana Alonso, Javier Pelegrìn Alex is sixteen and truly loves Jana. But she isn’t a girl like others: she belongs, with her brother David, to an ancient family of wizards and this thing could change the fate of their relationship. Jana and David are Medu and they have magic tatoos on their skin which give them the power to control humans. But the Last Guardian is born and when he’ll have seventeen years, he’ll destroy all the Medu, giving back the magic to the humans. Alex want to protect Jana but there’s a problem: he could be the Last Guardian.This is the first book in a spanish series called Tatuaje. It’s a book for young adults and it’s quite nice: the plot is somehow original and intriguing and I really appreciate the story of the Medu and their adventure, but the first part is slow and boring. The writing style is really simple and the characters aren’t studied in deep: specially Alex, the “hero”of the story, is just sketchy and his feelings are reduced at the love he feels for Jana, an obsessive love. Despite these things, the end of the book is amazing and it really raised up my rating about this book. I hope the next book will be better!