Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis Klause I must admit that I haven't appreciated this book. Maybe I had too many expectations. I found the main character, Vivian, hateful: she think she is so beautiful, so perfect, a sort of God on the Earth, and she only focuses on herself...I hate this kind of people! Not to speak about her mother, who make sheep's eyes at all the loup-garou. Aiden is a good character, but not too much delineated. In addiction to that, the first part of the book is extremely slow and the action is too less for my tastes: I appreciated more the second part, with murders and, expecially, Gabriel** Not to speak about the end of the book, which is extremely intriguing. So, making a balance between good and bad aspect, I rate this book 3 stars, even if maybe I'm too kind.